The Story of Hippocampus: Mingling Art and Fashion

From children’s masterpieces to professional designs from local artists, Hippocampus designs it so you can wear it. Locally created and sourced in Athens, Georgia, comfortable and flattering skirts are made exclusively in the USA. Hippocampus proudly supports valued artists by giving them a percentage of sales. 

Co-creators and business partners Irena Epling and Jim Balke built Hippocampus from the ground up. When Jim, a designer and creative visualizer, heard the idea of designing patterns from kids and local artist’s creations, he was inspired by the possibilities of this idea. Pursuing your own craft and something you can own spoke to him. Irena, born in Czechoslovakia where private business did not exist, never even dreamt of one day owning her own business. In-love with her son’s drawings, she decided to put them on clothing. An idea sparked and the unique, one-of-a-kind skirts and products were born. 

The name Hippocampus stems from a thought of a seahorses, distinctive and unique creatures. No two are exactly alike. The thoughtful, handmade art displayed on a Hippocampus skirt is sure to become a special addition to your fashion line-up and your connection to rare fashion born from an artist’s vision.

Whether you are purchasing a professional artist’s masterpiece or kid’s drawing on a Hippocampus skirt, prepare yourself for compliments as you will be a rare sight. We invite you to add one of our wearable art pieces to your wardrobe and make your own creative statement.